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Selling Advice

We will give you a series of selling advice so that you can highlight your ads.

1- Fill in all the fields of your Profile.


2- Verify your account. A verified account is a reliable account.

This is useful for both sides; the buyer and the seller or service provider. If you are a business, besides of professionalism you also want to show that the buyer can trust you.


4- In the descriptions field, you have plenty of space to give information about the pets, item or services.

If you’re a Business, talk about your business. The services you provide and the guarantees you give.



4- It is not necessary to flood the ads with images. Upload good images.

If you are a Private Seller, upload the good pictures, which are not blurry. The detail matters.

We strongly recommend that if possible, you upload a video of the pets. It’s nice to see the bitch and her puppiess. It’s like being there.

If you are a Business, if you wish you can upload more professional pictures, upload your offers, your discounts.  Talk about your pets, but also of your business, services and products.

We also recommend that you upload a video.

We are a storefront for you and our job is to get you to the right people. Take your chance.

If as a Business you want to advertise, you can also purchase our Featured Ads through  Boost Your Ads section or contact us. We are sure we can offer you  Personalized Ads for Business. Contact Us and ask for an estimate.



Upload you video in Youtube.



Click on SHARE


Click on EMBED



Copy the code



Paste the iframe code into the iframe field


5- Check what you want to buy. You will meet professionals who offer their services and private sellers. That doesn’t mean you can’t do your purchase without guarantees. In the case of pets, you have the right to know the health of the pet beforehand.

If the seller doesn’t give you the option to check it, don’t trust him.

By following these simple rules, you create the perfect place in this website to continue to be a great platform for pets, sellers, buyers and professionals.

You use it today a you may help someone tomorrow by recommending this website.


Best regards,

Pedigree Finder Team.

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