Maltese Bichon breed: From Malta with Love

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Maltese Bichon breed: From Malta with Love

The Maltese Bichon breed is a toy size dog, born from the Mediterranean, being Italy who took the patronage of the breed.

The origins are associated with Malta. It was the Phoenicians who brought the ancestors of this breed from Egypt more than 2000 years ago. In the tomb of Rameses II you can see stone statuettes in the shape of the current Maltese.

Everything you need to know about Maltese Bichon breed.

This breed was genetically selected to achieve ever smaller individuals and thus reach a miniature size.

Origin: Malta.

Weight : 1 to 3 kg.

Height: 15 to 70 cm.

Size: Toy.

Life expectancy: 12 to 14 years.

Physical activity: High.

Character: Sociable, Balanced, Intelligent, Active, Friendly.

Ideal for: Flats, Surveillance.

Climate: Mild.

couple maltese bichon breed puppies

Physical appearance of Maltese Bichon breed

Maltese Bichon breed, that usually hovers between 3 and even 4 kilograms, also will not measure more than 25 cm in height. Due to its size, it adapts perfectly to small apartments. Highlights the single-layer white mantle of the Maltese which is smooth, long and silky. The organizations only admit the color white although we can find it with golden spots. He has dark eyes, long ears, a thick tail and short legs.

In general, the Maltese Bichon breed, it’s a happy and fun dog, while affectionate with his master. He is a good companion dog and not lonely at all, he likes to enjoy people and pets. It’s protective and you’ll love to have toys and other biting items at your disposal. He is a bit nervous and playful and therefore suffers if he spends too much time alone at home.

Health of the Maltese Bichon breed

Although it is generally a healthy dog, you may have knee or kneecap problems (luxation). Being overweight aggravates and promotes this disease. We will make sure that the doses of food you receive are adequate for your size and daily physical activity. They may also suffer from allergies to certain human foods. Hair type can also cause conjunctivitis or eye irritation.

Other diseases that affect them may include cancer, heart disease, or kidney failure. Regular visits to the veterinarian will prevent and facilitate the detection of these problems.

Care of the Maltese Bichon breed

They require extra care that is not so common in other breeds. Due to its long and fine hair we must take care of brushing it regularly with special combs. Skin problems or knots may occur, which is why some owners take a bath too often (normal is usually every month and a half). In the hairdresser’s shop we will be informed about the types of haircuts of the breed. The most characteristic is to let them have long hair and simply cut the tips (typical in exposures) although many prefer to cut their hair drastically getting the effect of puppy.

We will also take into account the daily cleaning, which includes eye, tear and muzzle cleaning. It is a good way to prevent the formation of brown spots around these areas.

Ideal for people with low mobility. Nevertheless, we recommend taking walks with him so that he does not lose his social habit and enjoy the environment.

It is highly advisable to feed Maltese Bichon breed with good quality fodder because it is a dog that will ask us kindly and in excess human food, if we encourage you can get to reject the feed. We must not tolerate this attitude.

Behaviour of Maltese Bichon breed

It is an ideal dog for adults but may not relate well with children who demand too much play, manipulate too much or treat him like a toy. If we explain how they should relate to the dog there will be no problem.

We must also bear in mind that because of its small size, the Maltese Bichon breed can see as a threat to other dogs, so we encourage you to play and socialize with other pets, so we can enjoy the company of several dogs at once.

long hair maltese bichon breed

Education of Maltese Bichon breed

You can train them to do pirouettes, keep on their hind legs etc. It’s essential to socialize it because it’s a small dog alarm and before the ringing of the doorbell and perhaps it will begin to show hostile attitudes before people who do not show affection or attention.

As far as the relationship with children is concerned, it’s a little complicated because their long hair, as well as their special character, doesn’t always fit well with them. They likes to be treated with respect and affection. Also, because of their small size, it’s common for them to break bones or fracture if children play too rough.

The Maltese Bichon perfectly accepts the company of other dogs and pets although it has predilection for those of the same race. Very communicative and active, he will play elegantly with his classmates.

The Maltese Bichon breed is one of the oldest dogs in Europe, highlighted in the Roman Empire when they were street dogs that eliminated rats from cities. Centuries later in the Renaissance were also the company of people with high economic possibilities.

You can click on the following link to access a video about the Maltese Bichon.

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