English Bulldog breed: Throw me the ball

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English Bulldog breed: Throw me the ball

The English bulldog breed is an unmistakable looking dog. Robust and low, it looks fierce (due to its origins), although its character is usually affectionate and calm. Great for families andit is a dog that needs to be in continuous contact with its owners.

English Bulldogs are very faithful. It is very difficult to change the English bulldog owner.

Everything you need to know about English Bulldog breed

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Origin of the English bulldog breed

The English bulldog descends from dogs that were used to drive, corner and attack bulls and cows in Britain. These customs gave rise to dog fights with bulls and other large animals.

When dog fighting with bulls was banned, bulldogs lost popularity among the English and gradually disappeared. Some British immigrants living in the United States kept the breed with little change, giving rise to the ancestors of the American bulldog. However, in England, the original bulldog was crossed with smaller and less aggressive dogs, modifying its shape to the current one.

Today’s English bulldog is not the aggressive dog capable of dealing with bulls, but an animal that, although fierce in appearance, is companion. His current size and morphology do not allow him to do intense work, and his affectionate character has earned him the position of pet in thousands of homes where he is one of the family.

Characteristics of the English bulldog breed

The English Bulldog usually has a height at the withers of about 40 centimeters. The weight, which is indicated in the standard, is about 25 kilograms for males and 23 kilograms for females.

This is a dog of heavy build, short stature and short hair. At first glance you can see that it is a wide, powerful and compact animal. The bulldog’s head is large in proportion to its body and has subtle wrinkles on both the forehead and cheeks.

The neck, thick and strong, has abundant chins. The face of the English bulldog is undoubtedly its most distinctive characteristic. It is short and has a wide snout and blunt. The round and medium eyes are well separated from each other and are very dark, almost black.

On the other hand, the ears with high insertion are small, thin and pinkish. The belfs of the English bulldog hang sideways, but not on the front. The nose is broad and black. The jaws are wide, very strong and square, and the lower jaw extends in front of the upper jaw and turns upwards.

The short, well-structured body should not be prone to obesity. The posterior region is high and strong, but clearly lighter than the anterior region which is very robust. The chest is wide, rounded and deep, and continues in a retracted abdomen. The extremities are strong, muscular and robust. Females are less developed than males. The upper line forms a soft arch, the back being higher than the cross.

The tail, of low insertion, is of moderate to short length, rounded, thick at the base and finished in a thin tip. Usually the bulldog carries it low, and should never carry it above the top line level.

english bulldog breed

Character of the English Bulldog breed

Bulldog is a determined, strong, alert, brave and loyal dog. According to the breed standard, it must also be an active animal, but adult English bulldogs are usually quiet. This dog demands a lot of attention. Is not an animal that should be left alone for long periods of time.

He forms intense bonds with his human family and it is difficult (but not impossible) for him to change ownership.

Their fierce appearance usually gives the wrong impression. These dogs tend to have an affectionate, calm and calm character, although they are also tenacious when they want something. They tend to be very patient with children and are usually excellent pets, but are not very active dogs.

When the bulldog becomes angry, however, it is an animal to be feared. Brave dog and capable of causing great harm when he defends his territory, his family or his possessions.

It is very important to socialize from puppy and educate him in good manners and canine obedience.

One of the things that can trigger the bulldog’s aggression is competition for food and toys. These dogs have a tendency to be possessive, so you should avoid becoming guardians of resources. Training in obedience and especially self-control exercises help a lot in this. On the other hand, this characteristic can be used to make the English Bulldog breed a good guardian of the house.

As an adult, bulldogs can be aggressive with other dogs, especially if they are of the same sex, and with other pets. However, when properly socialized, it can get along well with other dogs and other pets. However, many owners of this breed prefer to sterilize their dogs to reduce the likelihood of fights.

Care of the English bulldog breed

Heat is a health hazard to the English bulldog breed. The extremely flattened face has an effect on the dog’s airways.  The bulldog breathe hardly if is shaken and consequently, when it is very hot.

It’s good for this breed to exercise moderately to stay fit, but intense exercise can be a risk factor, especially in hot climates. This is not a dog for intense exercise. You are not going to win an agility championship with your English bulldog… unless only dogs of this breed compete. However, you do need daily walks to exercise and socialize with people and other dogs.

On the other hand, the bulldog is not a dog to live in the garden. It does not withstand weather variations well, so you should live indoors. In addition, his great need for companionship makes him unfit to live in the garden. The good news is that it is a cleaner dog than other breeds and is not very active. The bad news is he can be very slimy.

The English Bulldog breed loses hair regularly, so you should brush it frequently. However, its coat is easy to maintain. Brushing two or three times a week is usually enough. I

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