Bullmastiff breed: biddable and reliable creatures

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Bullmastiff breed: biddable and reliable creatures

The bullmastiff breed is a watchdog by nature but at the same time, is very affectionate and familiar; even if it is large and muscular constitution.

Everything you need to know about Bullmastiff breed

It’s called because it comes from the cross between the English bulldog and the mastiff.

In theory the origin of the race is in Great Britain but many theories argue that these dogs are descended from the Alanos of bulls or bull dogs of 19th century Spain? The truth is that we also didn’t know this or many other things that we explained to you below.

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Origin of the Bullmastiff breed

The documented history of bullmastiff breed begins in Britain at the end of the 19th century. At that time there were many poachers who not only threatened the wildlife of the British forests, but also threatened the lives of the rangers.

To protect themselves and make their work easier, the rangers used dogs. However, the breeds they used – bulldogs and mastiffs – did not give good results, so they decided to try crosses between those dogs. The result was the bullmastiff that turned out to be very stealthy, has a good sense of smell and is strong enough to contain an adult man without biting him.

After a while, the popularity of the breed increased and the Bullmastiffs became very appreciated dogs in the ranches, for their qualities as guardians and protectors.

Controversy about its origins breed

Some Spanish breeders support the recent hypothesis that bullmastiff breed originated in Spain and that it was nothing less than the bullfighting Alano or bulldog used in bullfights, as early as the early nineteenth century.

Paintings such as Patio de caballos de la plaza de toros de Madrid, painted by Manuel Castellano in the mid-nineteenth century, and Goya Echan’s engraving of dogs to the bull created in 1801, show dogs whose morphology corresponds to that of the current Bullmastiff breed.

However, these clues are not sufficient to change the nationality of the breed.

Physical characteristics of Bullmastiff breed

It is a large and imposing dog that at first sight can inspire fear. Its head is wide and square, and has a short muzzle and also square. Eyes are medium and dark or hazelnut-colored. Ears are small, triangular and bent. They are darker than the rest of the body.

The body of this dog is powerful and symmetrical, and while denoting great strength, is not heavy looking. The back is short and straight, while the back is broad and muscular. The chest is wide and deep. The tail is long and high inserted.

The coat of the bullmastiff breed is short, hard to the touch, smooth and close to the body. Any shade of black, fawn or red is acceptable, but always with a black mask. A small white mark on the chest is also allowed.

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Character of the Bullmastiff breed

Despite being a wonderful guardian by nature, the bullmastiff is very affectionate and friendly with his family.

However, when not properly socialized it tends to be reserved and cautious, and even aggressive, with strange people and dogs. Socialization, therefore, is an obligation in this race. Bullmastiff can tolerate strangers willingly and get along well with other dogs, and even other animals when is properly socialized.

When the dog is correctly socialized, does not present behavioral problems. However, he can be clumsy as a puppy for not measuring his strength properly.

Care of the Bullmastiff breed

The maintenance of their short coat does not require much effort. Brushing twice a week is usually enough to keep the hair clean and in good condition. It is not advisable to bathe these dogs very often.

Although these are large dogs, Bullmastiffs only require moderate exercise that can be covered by daily walks. By the same token and their quiet and quiet temperament, they adapt well to apartment life as long as they receive three or more walks a day.

These dogs don’t live well outdoors. It’s better if they can live indoors, even if they have a garden.

Education of the Bullmastiff breed

Is not a dog for beginner coaches or novice owners; but can be easily trained, handled by people who have some experience with dogs.

Bullmastiff responds well to different training styles, as long as they are not mistreated.

You can click on the following link to access a video about Bullmastiff thanks to Documentary TV Youtube Channel.

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