American Akita breed: A stylish dog

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American Akita breed: A stylish dog

The American Akita breed is a variant of the Inu Akita, from the northern and mountainous regions of Japan. Is known simply as Akita. This variant of the breed shows all kinds of colors unlike the Japanese Akita. It is a race very resistant to the cold.

Everything you need to know about American Akita breed

Origin: Japan, USA, Canada.

Weight : 25 to 45 kg.

Height: 55 to 70 cm.

Size: Big.

Life expectancy: 12 to 14 years.

Physical activity: High.

Character: Balanced, Faithful, Active, Shy, Smart.

Ideal for: Children, Home, Hiking, Hunting, Surveillance.

Climate: Cold

white and brown american akita breed dog in snow

Physical appearance of American Akita breed

Thicker and more imposing than the Inu Akita, slightly higher in height and weight. It has a triangular head and formed with triangular ears also splitz type. The nose truffle is completely black. The eyes are black and small.

American Akita breed has a double coat, which protects them very well from the cold.

Males, as in almost all breeds, are usually slightly larger than females. The American Akita breed weight is between 25 and 45 kilograms. There are a variety of colors including pinto, white, black, gray, and so on.

Health problems that may affect American Akita breed

It is a race very resistant to the inclemencies of the weather but they suffer some genetic diseases and are sensitive to certain drugs. The most common diseases to be considered are hip and knee dysplasia. It can also suffer from hypothyroidism and retinal atrophy in older specimens.

Care of the American Akita Breed

They are very clean dogs and groom themselves regularly after eating, playing, etc. Take care of their prominent coat, brushing it every day and especially during the mute season. Bathe them every month and a half or two months and take care of their nails and trim them.

The American Akita breed is active, so you must take them out for a walk at least 2 or 3 times a day.

Likes to play and nibble since they are young and discover what they can do. Provide them with one or more biteers as well as toys to keep him entertained in the moments when you are not there.

brownand white American akita breed on turf

Behaviour of the American Akita breed

Many people claim that the American Akita is a appropriate dog for families with children; very integrated into the family nucleus. Will protect before strangers to the smallest and most vulnerable of the house.

Training of the American Akita breed

The American Akita breed is a very intelligent dog who will learn all kinds of commands. It is a one-owner dog; so if we try to educate him or teach him tricks without being the owner probably will not listen to us.

Used as a companion and rescue dog; they also develops therapy exercises, such as reducing feelings of loneliness, stimulating concentration, improving memory or desire to exercise.

You can click on the following link to access a video about American Akita. thanks to Documentary TV Youtube Channel.

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