Akita Inu breed: The dog of the rising sun

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Akita Inu breed: The dog of the rising sun

The Akita Inu breed comes from Japan. Considered a national treasure and venerated as a symbol of good health, prosperity and good fortune.

Everything you need to know about Akita Inu Breed

Following the Hachiko’s history, this breed was awarded a national monument.

It’s common for a baby to be given a puppy of an Akita Inu at birth. It is a dog belonging to the family of the spitz, of natural creation more than 3,000 years ago.

Origin of the Akita Inu breed
This breed comes from the Japanese region of Akita, hence its name. Used to hunt bears and known as Akita matagi. In 1603 were used for fights and in order to increase their strength and stamina, crossed with mastiff.

There were three different types:

Akita Matagi (similar to the original)

Fighting Akita (with cough dog blood)

Shepherd Akita (crossing of Akita Inu breed with German shepherd breed).

Fans of the breed in Japan did not accept these lines as suitable representatives of the Japanese breed; so they were dedicated to repopulate the breed with lines of Matagi breed. The result is the actual Akita Inu which is larger than the original Akita Matagi, retains the spitz type and does not have the characteristics of German mastiff and shepherd.

akita inu breed puppy resting on the floor

Physical characteristics of the Akita Inu breed

Akita Inu is a large dog. It has a large hairy and broad head, but provided with a strong and muscular body. In this way, his muzzle is also strong and moderately long.

The Akita Inu is wide at the base and although it narrows towards its end, it is not pointed. With powerful bites and the teeth close scissors. Black nose, although slight color fading are acceptable in white dogs and lips have to be well attached.

Both ears and eyes seem to follow triangular shapes. The ears, on the other hand, are relatively small, thick and forward facing.

The neck of the Akita Inu is thick, muscular and has no dewlap. It has a deep chest and the tail, with a unique curled shape, slides over the back.

The akita presents a hard and smooth outer mantle, and a soft and dense inner mantle. On the other hand, the coat on the tail is longer than the rest of the body. The accepted colors of the Japanese Akita are white, golden, sesame and tabby.

They measure between 61 and 67 cm, variable according to the specimen and sex. In terms of weight, they usually weigh up to 50 kilos.

Character of the Akita Inu breed

They have a very quiet and shy character; are calm most of the day, adopting a calm attitude even in times of stress. The serenity of the dog is palpable. Balanced, docile and determined dog breed. The loyalty he offers to his master is the strongest and best known characteristic of the Akita Inu.

Although is very suspicious of strangers. This dog will not attack without reason, only in the face of provocation and signs of aggressiveness. He’s an excellent guard dog.

The Akita Inu breed is dominant and do not seek confrontations.

Is important to socialize them with all kinds of dog breeds and other animals when is a puppy.

It requires a master expert in the handling of dogs; who knows how to impose his authority and most importantly, that knows how to use positive reinforcement.

Young children are very much loved by the Akita Inu, who will not hesitate to protect them from any danger. Be patient with them. Is good to know that the Akita Inu is a very special breed, that it will need an experienced owner and the most essential thing: that it provides the adequate education.

It is a dog of extreme strength and very strong character.

Will try to challenge weak people to become the leader of the hierarchy, is for this reason we recommend that people who have children and doubt their abilities as owners after reading this card, opt for another race perhaps more docile than this.

Care of the Akita Inu breed

Withstands the harsh weather conditions without difficulty. However, because of its dense coat it is advisable to brush it daily and with special care in times of hair shedding.

Akita Inu is a dog that needs a medium-high dose of exercise every day. We will have to walk it at least twice a day trying to make it run or do some extra activity.

akita inu breed in snow

Education of the Akita Inu breed

The Akita Inu breed is an intelligent dog that requires a strong personality owner. If they do not consider a correct attitude in their master, the dog tends to take the reins by imposing its own rules. He won’t follow you if he doesn’t consider you a worthy leader, so you should never give in to his demands. In Japan is an honor, privilege and sign of nobility to educate an Akita Inu.

For various reasons, experts in this breed advise to mentally stimulate them by teaching tricks, advanced obedience and to identify a variety of objects.

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